President of the University of Chicago, Robert Zimmer, opening the Darwin-Chicago Conference in Rockefeller Chapel, October 29, 2009

Above: Rockefeller Chapel, the opening evening of the Conference, with approximately 1100 in attendance.  Below: Ronald Numbers, speaking at Rockefeller Chapel

Richard Lewontin lecturing on opening night of the conference

Marc Hauser from the pulpit at Rockefeller Chapel

In the first row:  Daniel Dennett, Elliot Sober, Kim Sterelny, Richard Lewontin, Jerry Coyne

Second day of the Conference:  Crowd in the Plavesky Theater

In the upper theater of Ida Noyes:  Janet Browne

Richard Lewontin being interviewed

Janet Browne, Rosmary Grant, and Peter Grant

Peter Grant lecturing


The history and philosophy of biology, in the 3rd floor theater of Ida Noyes

Jane Mainenschein in the history and philosophy section

Philip Kitcher with Chris Haufe and Dan Dennett in first row

Coffee Break

Bob Richards making a point with Marc Hauser

Jerry Coyne at the podium

Pietro Corsi continuing his lecture at lunch

Michael Ruse trying to convince a skeptical Ron Numbers

Paul Sereno

Neil Shubin describing Tiktaalik Rosae to Tom Schoener

Hopi Hoekstra

Elliott Sober

Academic cocktail party

Rachel Feinmark (conference manager), Marcie Holmes, and Emily Swafford

Marching to a reception, from right to left: Jane Maienschein, Janet Browne, Hopi Hoekstra, Peter Grant, Rosmary Grant

David Jablonski making a point to Frederick Cohan

Bill Wimsatt at the closing session of the conference

Dan Dennett

Grad students:  Rachel Feinmark, Emily Swafford, Caitjan Gainty (rear), Marcie Holmes, and Bill Sterner

Kim Sterelny hearing out Trevor Pearce