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Debate Darwin Spring 2012


George Levine


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NAOMI BECK - Be Fruitful and Multiply: Growth, Reason & Cultural Group Selection in Hayek & Darwin (April 25, 2012)

Autumn Workshop

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Darwin among the non-scientists: some literary influence

Darwin's Origin of Species is arguably the most important work in the history of English literature, surpassing those of Dickens, Wordsworth, and Eliot. The strength of the work lies not only in the superiority of its argument, but in the book's conceptual and stylistic artistry. This lecture will address Darwin's literary influences and the Origin's continued impact. This lecture is one in an ongoing series. PLEASE NOTE: It will be held at 4PM, Room 224, Social Sciences Research Building, The University of Chicago, 1126 E. 59th St.

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The Debating Darwin workshops are a series of lectures given by the most acclaimed historians and philosophers of science. These workshops, headed by Robert J. Richards of the University of Chicago and Michael Ruse of Florida State University are co-sponsored by the Fishbein Center for History of Science, the Office of the President, and the Templeton Foundation.


April 13 - ELLIOTT SOBER(Wisconsin, Madison): Naturalism and Evolutionary Theory

May 25 - GEORGE LEVINE (Rutgers): Darwin among the non-scientists: some literary influence

BONUS VIDEO April 25 - NAOMI BECK (Max Planck): Be Fruitful and Multiply: Growth, Reason & Cultural Group Selection in Hayek & Darwin

Autumn 2011

Sept. 30 - PHILLIP SLOAN (Notre Dame): Natural Historical Realism and the Epistemology of Darwin's Descent: Turning the Zoological Gaze onto Human Beings

Oct. 14 - JAMES LENNOX (Pittsburgh): Accentuate the Negative: A Puzzle about the Structure of the Origin Solved

Oct. 28 - ROBERT J. RICHARDS (Chicago) AND MICHAEL RUSE (Florida State): Debating Darwin

Nov. 11 - GREGORY RADICK (Leeds): Lessons of the Galapagos

Lectures will occur at 4PM in the Social Sciences Research Building (1126 E. 59th St.), room 224


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