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Visiting Chicago

We recommend that you make reservations as early as possible, since rooms may become scarce as the time for the conferences draws near.  You will usually have opportunity to cancel your reservations should you need to.


Hostelling International Chicago:
This large hostel is located in down-town Chicago at Congress Ave. and Van Buren Streets.  Room rates are between $28.00 and $34.00 a night, with free breakfast.

Ramada Inn Lake Shore:
This medium to low priced hotel is a twenty-minute walk to the campus of University of Chicago.

International House University of Chicago:
International House on the university campus has rooms to rent at a modest cost. 

Bed and Breakfast lodgings in Hyde Park
(within a short walk to the campus)
1.  University Quarters
2.  The Abode
3Wooded Isle Suites


Hostelling International Chicago is one block from the Metra train station at Michigan Ave. and Van Buren Street.  The train ride is about 15 minutes to the 59th Street Station on the campus of University of Chicago.  See the transportation map: (http://www.metrarail.com/Sched/me/me.shtml#MAP)  The Ramada Inn is a twenty minute walk to campus; they also provide a shuttle to campus.  The other accommodations are a short walk to campus.


Maps of the campus of University of Chicago and nearby locations can be found at: http://maps.uchicago.edu/index.shtml

About the University of Chicago:

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